Take Your Learning to the Next Level

Take Your Learning to the Next Level

Take Your Learning to the Next Level

Whatever your interest, no matter your background, take your learning to the next level with First Seder Bais Medrash. Join us every weekday morning at the Lower Merion Synagogue to find the learning that speaks to you, at the time that works for you.

Now in our 11th year!!

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“I am very thankful for the important experience and gracious welcome First Seder has given me and my son. The interaction and closeness I have felt with the other participants has been very important to me. The quest for the right way to live, to be ethical, and to be kind, has put me back in touch with a part of myself that I had forgotten about.”
– Ivan Cohen

“It is very special to see the structure and consistency that First Seder has given my husband’s learning. Watching my husband accomplish a significant amount of Gemara learning and being on a great path to learn more is a very deep joy! For our children to see Torah learning being celebrated so nicely at the siyumim is most meaningful and memorable. Thank you!”

 – Adeena Menasha

“I’ve been spending my mornings attending the First Seder Bais Medrash for men. There are daily classes in a variety of topics from Chumash to Gemara, Halacha, Navi, etc. (taught by five different Rabbis), plus the opportunity to learn with a chavrusa or on your own in a program tailored specifically for you.  It’s very convenient because you can attend as much or as little as your schedule or preferences permit. You can also tune into the classes online live. It’s a real blessing to have a structured Bais Medrash in our own community.”

– Bruce Greiff

“I was visiting Philadelphia with my wife recently, and I just had to email you about how impressed I was with your First Seder learning program. Walking around the Bais Medrash and picking up a sefer to learn, I was very pleasantly surprised to find it so happening, filled with people young and old looking to sneak some Torah into their busy schedules. As a semicha student myself and someone who hails from a rather large Jewish community, I was overwhelmed by the level of commitment so many of your students displayed. More communities should follow First Seder’s magnificent initiative’s shining example, and may your program continue to be a major success.

– Chezkie Glatt

“First Seder is an excellent source of learning for men of all ages who have diversified backgrounds in religious studies. Learning in First Seder is an invigorating and inspirational experience. I highly recommend First Seder as the place to expand your learning.”

– Max Bienstock

“First Seder is a great resource for the online Torah learning community. As a professional who works in center city, it isn’t always easy to attend live classes. Through First Seder, I am able to login to a 30-minute class here and there. This adds significantly to my week and I am thankful that such a resource is available. Thank you, Rabbi Greenspan and all of the First Seder Rabbis, for making this possible!”

– Jonathan Morgenstern

“No matter what level one is on in his learning, I can guarantee that he will feel comfortable in this program. Rabbi Uri Greenspan and all the First Seder Rebbeim have done an outstanding job!”

– Drew Dorman

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