Mishnayos Shel Chesed

In this unique program, First Seder Bais Medrash arranges a group to learn the entire Shas Mishnayos to create an incredible merit in memory of a loved one. First Seder encourages participants to sign up to learn and partake in this amazing opportunity to give to elevate the eternal life of a neshama.

An Eternal Zchus

When a Jew passes away, they can no longer perform mitzvos or get closer to Hashem. By arranging for mishnayos to be learned for the soul of a departed family member or friend, you can create an invaluable zchus (merit) that will allow their neshamos to be elevated to great heights.

By signing up for the Mishnayos Shel Chesed program, you can acquire eternity on behalf of your departed family members and friends.

For just $975,

we will arrange to learn the entire Shas Mishnayos in memory of your loved one.

You Can Be a Part

You can be a part of this unique opportunity and sign up to learn Mishnayos in the memory of First Seder members’ departed friends and relatives.

By participating in the Mishnayos Shel Chesed program, you have a chance to give eternal life to a departed neshama.

Sign up to learn for this incredible zchus!


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